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Stalk and Slash Summer CD


This is our second CD release! The perfect pop punk album for summer... Released in the fall... Recorded in a blitzkrieg 20 hour session at the Fox's Burrows studio and mixed/mastered in 2 days. The first album featuring the 4 member lineup.

8 new studio tracks plus one unreleased bonus track, a little over 18 min. Featuring songs about vacationing away from Crystal Lake... A cover song... Half a cover song... and a song about Jason V. falling in love with that "chick" from Sleepaway Camp... Yeah, we know... She has a... He just refuses to believe it...


1 - Friday the 13th 11:59pm
2 - We're going to Manhattan
3 - Saturday the 14th (I'm going to the show)
4 - Stalk and Slash Summer
5 - Another song about Saturday
6 - Affection Cannon
7 - Welcome home (Camp Crystal Lake)
8 - Camp Arawak
9 - **BONUS TRACK FOR FIRST PRESSING ONLY** Pig Girl's Camp Wood Weekend